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Pirate Party (festa dei pirati) 28 Mar 2009 in Rome

Last saturday I went to this party organized by Loop magazine and the associations: Frontiere Digitali, Scambio Etico, Partito Pirata, TNT Village p2p community, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation, REFF (RomaeuropaFAKEFactory), Cooper editore, [A]rtis[O]pen[S]ource, LPM (Live Performers Meeting), FLxER (Flash Video Mixer).

For more information:

Magnus Eriksson (monki) and Johan Allgoth (kringell), cofounders of Piratbyran and The Pirate Bay, attended to this event.

Following some logo and posters of event:

Pirate party - logos

Pirate party - poster

Pirate party - posters

And, at the end, me and my friends pitfall (Santi Strati) and denever (Giuseppe Martino) while debating on algorithms and on the next program which I hope to publish soon (-:

Pirate party - Giuseppe Martino (denever), Santi Strati (pitfall), Pietro Minniti (eddy22)


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